sock monkey sticker narrative

Girl’s Weekend

sock monkey sticker narrative

This weekend it’s just me and the girls and we are having an excellent time. There’s lots of painting going on–mostly tempera and water colors–and I’m getting the itch to work on something bigger. Bathroom walls, you’re on notice.

Violet is actually doing most of the painting, only to be interrupted by the occasional Gaga dance party. This afternoon I heard her yell, “Stay there baby dragons! I have to go dance… I hear My Poka Face!” That’s right. “Poker Face” is her jam.

monkey at sea

We have grand plans to make lots of cookies on Sunday to mail to far flung friends this week. Someone has been eye-balling the new colors of sanding sugar hanging around in the kitchen, so the cookies will very likely be kind of sparkly and blingy. No boring oatmeal cookies for us, we’re all about the sparkle. Kind of like Gaga, I suppose.

For those of you who might be wondering: the glasses Violet is wearing are a forgotten pair of my brother’s hipster glasses. When worn upside down, they are doctor’s glasses. Perhaps she needs to check out her sister; she’s looking a bit weary from all of the excitement.

exhausted baby


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