And… we’re back. Sort of.


I’ve missed you! This summer was hectic and wonderful and lots of fun. There were frequently things that I planned to write about here, and I’ve got lots of half written posts to prove it. I’ve even toyed with the idea of going back and finishing them and posting, but really, the summer is gone. Blueberry mint jam was months ago, as well as crazy berry pies made with coconut tequila. They were delicious, but they’ll have to wait until next summer.


Fall (everybody’s FAVORITE season) is here and lots of wonderful things are happening at Lucky Girl. Even though it’s sad that the summer market season is winding down, there are still a few dates left, other fabulous events like Cupcake Camp New Haven are just around the corner. There’s apple picking, and eating, and baking to be done, and pumpkins and squash quietly awaiting their fate as pies and soups and whoopie pies.


Even if that means that the squash needs to be roasted and baked in the dead of the night to avoid letting a certain 3 year-old know that we’re eating her beloved “Teefer.” Hey, it’s a red curry squash… it’s fair game around here.

So, the “sort of” part of returning to TinyCake has to do directly with our website. Some of you may have noticed, either by going directly to the site, or via Facebook update, that the Lucky Girl Bakery site is in a state of crisis right now. There was a problem with the-server-who-will-not-be-named and we disappeared. In trying to go live again, a lot of our content seems to be MIA. I briefly had a big sad about this, and then decided that Hey, it’s FALL! Perfect opportunity for something new and wonderful!

It appears that I’m going to try and create a new site that has a better online shopping cart, layout, information and photography in the next week or so. Call me crazy, but I think I can do it! There’s major planning to be done today, and then a frenzied week of baking, photo shoots, and redrafting menus and content. We’ll see how this goes… send me words of encouragement, and coffee! I’m excited!

Also, you should be excited too! There will be some new features here on TinyCake, including some fancy kitchen tips so you can add to your own wealth of baker knowledge. And, next week, there will be a fabulous giveaway that I’ve been sitting on for a while, since obviously, I’ve been offline. Which is probably a good thing, as other bloggers will attest. I’m re-energized and ready to bake up a storm!



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