Friday Pie Day, Thanksgiving Edition

It’s Friday Pie Day, and this week we’re gearing up for Thanksgiving, both at the bakery and at home. There are menus to plan, doughs to be made and google maps to be generated so that deliveries run smoothly on Wednesday.

This is exciting! I love Thanksgiving… the food, the sentiment, the leftovers! Maybe most of all, I really enjoy feeding family and friends. And that means you too!

We’re extending our order deadline for Thanksgiving pies until tomorrow, Saturday November 17th. We’re so thankful for all of your support this past year, especially during the market season, and we’re happy to provide you with fresh, beautiful desserts made with local ingredients and lots of love.

deep dish

Keep reading for details on how to order your pies. But first…. we’re having a Give Away to say THANK YOU for being so wonderful! A few months ago, the lovely and brilliant Ashley English published a must have book for every lover and baker of the miracle food that is pie: A Year of Pies. It’s filled with beautiful photography, great pie making tips and lovely, seasonal recipes. And I want one of you to have a copy!

A Year of Pies

Ok, really I want all of you to have a copy, but I only have one that I’m giving away. To be entered to win a copy leave a comment here and share your favorite pie, or favorite pie memory in the comments (and be sure that there’s a way for me to contact you if you win!) You can leave a comment here until midnight on Thanksgiving. I’ll select the winner on Friday using a random number generator and post it here.

And finally, if you’re still in need of pie for Thanksgiving, you can check out our pie menu here and either call (860) 373-0321 or email ( with your order.

13 thoughts on “Friday Pie Day, Thanksgiving Edition

  1. amanda (sweetpotatoclaire)

    oooooh yes, please! We are a big pie household~ from pies for our wedding day (which I never actually got to taste, after making them and all!) to pies for birthdays, it’s our celebratory dessert of choice. My favorite pie memory is making cherry pies with my mother (with cherries from my mother-in-law’s cherry tree) for our wedding day. Even though I was too busy chatting with friends to make it to the pie in time, I will never forget that~

  2. jessica

    I’m a dessert lover, but actually my favorite pie is…spinach pie! The recipe is a satisfying combination of spinach, beet greens, swiss chard, dill, eggs and feta. I can’t get enough =)

    Thank-you for the opportunity to win Ashley’s book. I have a collection of her other publications…and “A Year of Pies” is the only one I’m missing!

  3. Dawn LaMattina Asher

    Chocolate cream pie, but purely for sentimental reasons. It was my grandpa’s favorite, so my mom made it for him every Thanksgiving (never missed a year). I always thought the pie was a family recipe passed down from generations and generations, so I was waiting for that day my mom would bestow the recipe onto me…only to find out it was from the JELL-O box 😉 I was offended for a day. Now I make chocolate cream pie from scratch, but the memory still sticks! I loved my grandpa, and I’m sure he’s eating lots of chocolate cream pie in Heaven 🙂

  4. Lucinda

    My favourite pie memory was one hot summer in August when I went hiking and came upon an abandoned farm with raspberries – we picked a bunch and used our hats as buckets then went back home and made the best pie ever! Would love to win!

  5. Vicky Giordani

    The first pie I ever made was a cherry pie. I had to cook a meal (ham with potatoes and green beans) complete with dessert to earn the cooking badge for my girl scout uniform sash.

  6. Angie

    My all time favorite pie is my Nana Nichol’s Cherry Cream Pie which she would always make for Christmas dinner. Light, fluffy, cherry goodness with a hint of almond extract. I think of her every time I make it for my own family, years after she has passed.


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