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For the love of coffee & donuts

mini donuts

So the other day I posted the yummy little dudes on the bakery’s Facebook page with the question, what did the donuts become? I posed the question because these sweeties were destined for greatness. Something grander than being mindlessly munched on while someone checks their email. More noble than being consumed by a three year-old who would enjoy them no more or less if they came directly out of a Hostess bag. These almond flavored, sprinkled rings of  goodness had a higher calling–birthday cake.

 mini donuts 2

Now even though I got over my unfounded issues about frying things earlier this year, fried doughnuts didn’t seem quite right for this project. The ones that I like to make have a crumb that I suspect would be a bit too delicate, and I needed something a bit more sturdy for this task. That brought me to baked doughnuts. With no pan right for the job, we went searching for one. Not particularly hard of course because I needed it for the next day, and if I couldn’t find one on our first stop (hello, Target!) I was going to try to imagineer something in the kitchen instead of running around like a stressed out maniac.

And you know what? They didn’t have the pan I was looking for… they had something even better. A “donut maker” on super-duper clearance!* WIN! This magical little fancied up waffle-iron thing allowed me to whip up some dough, and crank out the tiny treats in about 2 minutes per batch.

Now I wish I could tell you that this cake was my own brilliant idea, but it wasn’t. The credit goes to Heather Baird of SprinkleBakes.

birthday donut cake

I used my favorite chocolate cake recipe to build a magnificent 3 layer cake with a coffee swiss meringue buttercream (it’s the ideal texture for adhering things to your cake!) and then starting sticking. The white nonpareils were Violet’s choice for her Pop’s birthday cake, and I added a dusting of espresso powder for good measure. Bonus: a single donut on top acts as the perfect candle holder if you’re only using a single candle on the cake!

donut cake side

This cake was a big hit and packed enough of a caffeinated jolt that nobody was even looking for a cup of joe to go with it… amazing. My dad refers to it as “Cop Cake” and suggested that I add it to the menu. I think he might be on to something.

cop cake

*by the way, that’s not some sort of affiliate link… just showing off what I scored at a price that I would have never paid for it!


Fear of Frying


It was a lovely weekend–the weather was gorgeous, family was visiting, and Lucky Girl started off the farmers market season with a  guest spot at Storrs! What a lovely little market!

Also, how did I not know that it was there when I was attending UConn? Let’s just call it foolishness, as I remind my former self about the things I should have known about .

The people there were lovely and excited about hand-sized Cowboy Cookies and raspberry PopTarts, and nobody raised an eyebrow at me as I stood there and bounced and swayed as I talked to them and handed them cupcakes across the table. And when they noticed that there was a cherub-faced baby strapped to my back who was dangerously close to her bedtime (and that I wasn’t just a fidgety baker who ingests way too much sugar and coffee), they smiled and shared stories about the babies in their own families.

I also brought home fresh lettuce, a beautiful baguette and rye bread,  a dozen gorgeous duck eggs, and a bottle of cherry cacao bean hot sauce.… amazing!

Really, it was such a great weekend, and since there were additional adults in the house to help us eat the results, I decided to face my singular culinary fear: deep frying. To be honest, I’m not even sure if “fear” is an accurate term for it. More likely it was misguided apprehension and laziness about clean-up and disposal of oil. I can’t be that apprehensive about the high temperatures because I don’t hesitate when it comes time to boil up a pot of sugar. More likely is that washing dishes and properly disposing of oil are low on the list of things I want to do in my kitchen. Fortunately for me, and everyone who was here this weekend, eating fresh, warm, buttermilk doughnuts is considerably higher on that list.

It was time.

cut doughnuts

cut doughnuts 2

I figured that for my first attempt I’d stick to the books, and ended up using a recipe for buttermilk farm stand doughnuts that I coated in cinnamon and sugar.

They. were. amazing.

And really, the whole frying thing was not that big of a deal. I’ll admit that it was somewhat of a challenge to keep the temperature of the oil consistent, but I think that with practice I’ll get it under control. If anyone has any words of wisdom about this, please feel free to enlighten me.

hot oil

I’m absolutely making these again. Along with lots of other doughnuts, I’m certain of it. As a matter of fact, I think that cider doughnuts may just become a weekly thing around here this fall.

doughnut holes

Perhaps this summer, there will even be some doughnut appearances at our market booth. Delightfully cakey, spiced, old fashioned doughnuts are definitely too good not to share.

coffee and doughnut