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Knit, Love

Coffee Love

There’s been an impressive amount of knitted love coming in and out of our home over the last few months (and much coffee drinking to keep my needles going.) With a toddler, a new baby and many pregnant friends, the opportunity to crank out lots of small, snuggly projects is ever present. I’ve got a number of special projects on the needles right now and I’ll be sharing them here as soon as I cast off.

I’d like to be able to say that I’ve enjoyed the mild weather we’ve had all winter, but really, I find it kind of depressing. I want to dress the girls in sweaters and cowls and hats year round because they’re so adorable. And because I need to find reasons to knit them more hats, even though I’m going to find them shoved into the couch cushions or on a plush unicorn’s head.

The bee hive hat is one of my favorites, but is seldom worn. After finishing it up, I showed Violet the awesome bee buttons that she helped me pick out at Mystic River Yarns (where Violet likes to pull up a chair and quietly watch complete strangers knit) and asked her where they should go. She gestured in the general direction of the hat and took off running in true two year-old fashion. After securing them to the hat with 3 minutes worth of knots a piece, they were greeted with shrieks, Take them off! Take them off, I don’t like them anymore! Sorry kiddo, those bees aren’t going anywhere.

I leave you with cake. I’ve been doing a bit of experimenting with natural pigments to replace food coloring for icing cakes. This is a Hummingbird Cake with maple cream cheese frosting. The yellow is tinted with turmeric, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.