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Jam Session: Rhubarb

So recently, I decided that I simply don’t spend enough time in the kitchen. Ever. What?

My new hobby/favorite thing to do when I have a minute is…. make JAM! It’s ridiculously easy, totally satisfying and fits hand in hand with my 2012 resolution to stop buying bread and start making it myself (update on that: I’ve purchased a total of 3 loaves since new year–2 baguettes and a loaf of roasted garlic ciabatta. not bad.)


Of course, my grandmother was a prolific canner (preserver? putter-upper? I don’t know…) This is evidenced by the fact that we have a root cellar here with jars full of amazing things that are probably half as old as I am. She put up much more than she got around to eating.

Personally though, canning was news to me until a few weeks ago. Of course, last summer I had grand plans to put up (see that? I’m already using fancy canning lingo!) tons of veggies from our garden. I got myself a copy of Canning and Preserving by Ashley English and proceeded to process gallons of sauce from our tomato crop and freeze it. And then, we promptly lost it all without electricity for a week after the hurricane passed by us. Fail.

This year, I will not be thwarted by strong winds and fallen trees. I will can jams and veggies fearlessly and we will eat well throughout the cold months. That is, assuming that we finish planting the garden… it’s going to be a busy weekend.


This book is totally tricksy. Since it entered my house I can’t look at a plump, dewy, berry without thoughts of tossing it into a boiling vat of sugar and lemon juice in my le creuset, and sealing it up into a widemouth Mason jar to await its fate of being slathered on a homemade slice of bread.



So, this was the fate of much of my rhubarb patch (as well as some of the rhubarb from a neighbor’s yard as well.)


This weekend will likely include trips to opening day of both the NL FoG market (today!) and the CRFM on Sunday. I’m excited to check out opening day at these markets (Lucky Girl is a guest vendor at both of them so we won’t be working them until later this month), say hello to friends who will be working them, and hopefully bring home some fruit so I can start working on a new batch of jam.