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Local Eats: Azu


So this is what you get when you wait until too late in the afternoon to take a photo of your profiteroles. Lots of shadow. And whipped cream and chocolate sauce. But mostly shadow. And deliciousness.

Also, did you notice my fancy plate? I totally scored an entire 12 place-setting set of Blue Heaven plates, bowls and mugs, along with a sugar bowl, creamer and two sets of salt and pepper shakers (filled with salt and pepper). Where did she find this gold mine of retro china goodness? you might be asking yourself right now. I’ll tell you.

In. the. attic.

I know! Amazing, no? My mom (hi, mom!) was going through things up there and found all of it wrapped in newspaper from the late sixties. That salt and pepper was over 40 years old, my friends. Yes, I tossed it.

Anyway, back to my original intent with this post. Local Eats. Yum. Periodically I’ll be writing about amazing, interesting, delicious local food that I think you all should go eat immediately. I won’t be reviewing things by any stretch of the imagination. Just sharing things that I want you all to love too!  Also, from time to time, I’ll shamelessly tell you where to get goods from Lucky Girl. This is the latter.

Azu is right on Main Street in downtown Mystic and has fabulous food and drinks. And now, delicious profiteroles filled with amazing things (I’d tell you what, but it’s up to the chef. Surprise!) that you will love. If you can get some filled with vanilla ice cream, do it. The ice cream at Azu is amazing–super creamy and not too sweet. It’s perfect in a profiterole, and you’re in luck. I’m delivering a big batch tomorrow, so this weekend it the perfect time to head down and at the very least, have a cocktail and some dessert.

If you’ve made it this far, your next step is to go tell your friends about TinyCake and/or Lucky Girl! This weekend I’ll be announcing the first ever Lucky Girl giveaway! You’ve been waiting for this, haven’t you. Someone is going to win a Mother’s Day Gift Box! Details this weekend, so don’t forget to check back.