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Lucky Girl Bakery & Spa 264

Two posts in one day… shocking, I know. I’m too excited to wait though!

My lovely friend Sara owns a fabulous little day spa in New London, and she was so kind to invite the bakery to team up with her business to offer a treats menu to her clients. You can book your very own spa party (how fun does that sound?) at SPA 264, and Sara will treat you to a customized selection of services while you snack on cupcakes or quiche, the choice is yours!

Spa Parties are an awesome way to celebrate all sorts of things, or you can have one just because you and some friends would love to get prettied up (and be well-fed, of course) now that the warm weather is upon us. Details are on the menus below. Give Sara a call (860.235.7709) to book a party.

If you’ve got questions about food, give me a holler at the bakery (860.373.0321) or fill out the contact form and we can chat.

Spa Party Services Menu

Lucky Girl Sp Party Menu