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A few more hours…


That’s really all I want this summer. Pie, and more time of course. Has it really been two weeks since I posted anything here? And right now as I attempt to, I have pies in ovens for this afternoon’s market and a squirming baby in my lap.

In a pathetic effort to save time, instead of brewing a new pot of coffee, I microwaved a cup leftover from last night’s baking. Yuck.

Wait… it’s from the pot at least. I’m not starting my day with an old, reheated, milky mug of coffee. I think that might be the foundation to a disappointing day, and no one needs that.

This morning there are pies to be cooled, cupcakes to be frosted, tiny birds to tend, and market booth’s worth of furniture, cake stands and sweets to cram into the Jeep, so I’ll share a peek into the last two weeks around here. If you stop by FoG today, come over and say hello. If you tell me that you saw my backwards pie photo, I’ll give you a mini cupcake!

berry picking


first strawberry


tiny guineas

It would seem that any food related photos are stuck in my new phone until I figure out how to get them out. Boo. So there you have it–we spend the last two weeks picking and eating strawberries and fawning over our new peafowl. That’s pretty much the best stuff anyway.